The Haunted Housewives

So what have your favorite HAUNTED HOUSEWIVES been up to?
  Best known for scoring a victory on Zak Bagan's "Paranormal Challenge, Waverly Hills Edition" (season 1, episode 6), THE HAUNTED HOUSEWIVES are a team based along the shores of Lake Erie in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland.  THE HAUNTED HOUSEWIVES are a group of investigators that bring a fresh perspective to the paranormal community.  With over 30 years of collective experience between them - their goal is to take paranormal investigation to a higher level of authentication and credibility, offering a complete line of services at no cost to the client. Their results are proof that a balanced and professional team can promote positive outcomes that will further, not hinder, the field of paranormal investigation.

   THE HAUNTED HOUSEWIVES have been privileged to investigate many historically significant buildings such as the Lake County Historical Society (OH), the Ohio State Reformatory (OH), the Madison Seminary (OH), Prospect Place Mansion (OH),  Poasttown School (OH), Zoar Tavern (OH), Greenwood Farm (OH), The Hermit Club (OH),  the Knickerbocker Hotel (PA), Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV) and many other remarkable properties.  Recently The Haunted Housewives headed out to Los Angeles - taking time to stop by the Culver Hotel and the infamous Queen Mary, both known for their paranormal activity!
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